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TUSNET is integrated network service provider which deliver innovative services for individual professional from small to large enterprises, maintain a long-term relationship with clients by providing flexible and scaleable Internet and IT solution to meet their needs.

Our Network Operation Center at Intiland Tower and some Point-of-Presences covers many areas, integrated with various telecommunication infrastructures, linked up with international direct  fiber optic to international internet backbones to local / Indonesian Internet Exchange.

We have our own network operation center room at Intiland Tower linked up with international direct  fiber optic to international internet backbones as well as fiber optic to local internet backbone (Indonesian internet exchange) based on the Indonesian Minister of justice’s decree and telecommunication services license of the minister for today’s individual professional from small to large enterprises.

Internet Access

Directly connect to Internet International Backbones and Local Backbone.

Network Solutions

Fast and reliable dedicated fiber optics technology to support your business process.

Hardware & Software

Following innovation to company’s productivity and performance.

IT Consultant

Providing the best qualified and experienced IT solution with high commitment.



Dedicated Internet Access

Dedicated connection service directly to Internet international backbones and Local Backbone (Indonesia internet Exchange) and to ensure the best and stable network performance.

Web Hosting

Reliable and qualified mail, web and database hosting with efficient and affordable price, Our server has a direct peering to Indonesian Internet Exchange and multiple international backbones.

Web Development

Upgrade your business to digital media through website on the internet with global coverage. Total web solutions from web development including domain, hosting and server co-location.

Rapid Wireless

To provide the qualified, secure, reliable wide area network interoffice connection through fiber optic, suitable for company that need point-to-point, office-to-office connections

Managed IP (VPN / Transit)

High data traffic application and multi connection based on client-server/ telnet/ terminal consist of Delay Tolerant Application such as e-commerce, ERP, CRM, Voice over IP, Video Conferencing.

IT Security

Become innovative company that following the growth of IT insfrastructure to reduce the maintenance cost, improve company’s productivity and performance dynamically.



Guaranteed 1:1

Dedicated Internet Access– Guaranteed 1:1 Committed Information Ratio to International Backbones

Redundancy Connection

Redundancy / Back up Internet Connection to another Internet Backbones (not equal)


Support and reliable for Virtual Private Network / Interoffice Connection through TUSNET Networks

SLA 99,99%

The Service Level Agreement (SLA) of TUSNET is 99.99% including service up-time & network connections.

24/7 Support

TUSNET will always provide the best service and support. Premium Service with first level technical support


Internet Bandwidth Traffic statistic monitoring (MRTG)



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