Internet Access

We provides the dedicated internet service with directly connection to Internet International Backbones and Local Backbone and to ensure the best and stable network performance with internet integrated at all the time. Using our Networks which is also powered by excellent infrastructures providers as the last-mile partner, this service enables and supports you to utilize optimally the internet connection functions for e-mail, web application and many more IP applications.

Web Service

TUSNetwork is one of the pioneers of the web industry in Indonesia, which is fully supported by the hi-level internet infrastructures and is located at Intiland Tower and Internet Data Center – Indonesian Internet Exchange Cyber Building. We provides total web solution to your company including Design, Application, Hosting, Mail Hosting and Server Co-location. We constantly focus to challenge ourselves to stay creative, innovative and well-updated with the new cyber age and fast changing global market.

HAardware, Software and Network Solution

Hardware, software and computer network technology as the main parts of IT, dynamically change with the evolution of IT. An innovative company should follow the growth of their technology and it will impact automatically to company’s productivity and performance. Expertise, credible and commitment are the basic reason why TUSNetwork is the reason should be the partner that you trust to provide the best IT solution for your company.

Application Service Provider

A company should have both front and back office integrated system. Our application is specialized in providing the ability to incorporate the front office transactions with the back office operation of your company in an accurate, efficient and instant manner. Our application is fully integrated; however it can be tailored to your needs. For example, it can be installed as a modular system, or as a stand-alone program viewed with web-browser, or to be customized with your business needs.

Interactive Multimedia

A company needs “Interactive multimedia” to promote its business in a dynamic, attractive and interactive presentation to reach its prospect clients or maintain its existing clients, so they can get all valuable information about the company and its products or services information. TUSNetwork is proud to offer interactive multimedia services in multimedia presentation for your company, such as Interactive Website, CD-ROM Interactive and Interactive Kiosk-Touch Screen.

IT Consultant

The rapid growth of IT has become a dilemma and forced companies to maximize the use of the right technology solutions in right manner to compete in the global market. TUSNetwork is proud to have a proven customer satisfaction service to its clients in providing the best-tailored IT Solution. The high qualified, experienced, and commitment team is the reason why TUSNetwork should be the company that you trust to provide the best IT solution for your company.

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